Structure & Governance

Organisational Structure

The Congress is a ‘grass roots up’ and not a ‘top down’ organisation. The most important meetings are therefore the small group gatherings of local Christians in one place who worship God, study the bible together, pray together and work together for the Lord.

The regional meetings are also important, because here people can support one another and plan God’s work in their region.

National Conferences set the vision and directions for Congress as well as help people to contribute to its realisation from across the nation.




The UAICC National Conference is the governing body of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress. It comprises Indigenous people from around the nation who bring experience, wisdom and direction to the governance  and strategic directions for UAICC. In between meetings of the Conference, the National Committee meets twice each year to to continue the national leadership of Congress, to enact resolutions made by the National Conference, and to make determinations on present matters affecting the life of Congress and its members. The National Committee comprises National Officers and and Elder and Chairperson from each Region.



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