Affirm Women


Affirm_WomenThe UAICC works to ensure Indigenous women are affirmed and respected as holding a special place in Indigenous family life. Its work is varied and ranges from supporting women group meetings in which issues of concern and solutions are shared to more specific things such as planning the cultivation and community distribution of traditional bush medicine using traditional knowledge.

The strength of Indigenous women meeting to share their unique perspective on relevant issues has proven highly effective. An example is the women run Community Justice Group in the Gulf community of Napranum. As a result there has been a dramatic decline in crime, higher school attendance and improved relations with Government bodies.

In traditional culture Aboriginal women maintained a close relationship to the men. They have also played a leading role in child rearing and food gathering while sharing the roles of law makers, painters, guardians of traditional ways and of healers. For example the Warlpiri women from Yuendumu in the Northern Territory frequently perform Yawylyu ceremonies to improve the health of sick people, singing songs and painting designs on the sick person and using their extensive knowledge of plants as medicines.

The UAICC has a growing network of women’s groups. Women are active in affirming their role as present and future leaders of Congress.

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