In 1988 the Uniting Church in Australia sought to encourage the intentional development of shared relationships between the First Peoples of this Nation and those who came after as a result of 200 years of migration.

In the Bible, we read that God is bound in a relationship with people – a covenant relationship. In a similar way, non-Indigenous and Indigenous people of the Uniting Church seek to be bound in covenant with each other and with God so that we may contribute to a more just church and nation.

Your covenanting journey is a unique and personal one. There are many avenues in which you can start or enrich your own covenanting journey. The UAICC offers a number of suggestions in which people can express their commitment to covenanting.


A paper authored by Chris Budden and John Rickard entitled, Developing a Covenant adopted for use by the 11th National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia.


Read Building Partnerships: A guide to covenant renewal with Indigenous people throughout the Uniting Church in Australia .

This booklet will help you make some decisions as to how you covenant.

Here are some options from which you can choose, according to your situation:

  • Use the guide as a ‘launching pad’ to design your own local action towards building partnerships with Indigenous people.
  • Select some of the topics, strategies and stories as a resource to support action you may already have undertaken, or in order to encourage other people to join you.
  • Incorporate this resource with a short term or seasonal Bible study series.
  • Use the five topics and questions as separate studies, to give yourself time to do local research and engage in conversation with those who may become partners in the process of building a covenant relationship.
  • Use the guide to complement other resources, programs or studies.
  • Simply work with the guide in a manner that is suitable to you and your community as you discern a pathway to your next step together.
  • Select the questions and topics that will engage your community.
  • It could be a useful idea to invite someone from a neighbouring group or congregation that has already been involved with a similar process. Invite them to come and share with you for one or more topics so that you can learn from one another.

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