Holistic Ministry & Evangelism


The Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress are committed to ministering to others out of their devotion to Christ and their love for others. Our ministry is impartial and unconditional and aims to shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others so they can come to know Him and receive Him as personal Savior and to experience Him as Lord and essence of their Life. We do so in ways that cares for the whole person – spiritually, physically, mentally and socially. Our ministry must reach past the purely ‘spiritual’ to touch the ‘whole person’ in every area of his or her life.


For the UAICC evangelism must be holistic in its approach and:

  • is only made real in the context of the life of the people, and must speak to their needs;
  • is linked with the development of Indigenous theology developed among Aboriginal and Islander people
  • must reach into every area – spiritual, economic, social, political;
  • must involve the rebuilding of people’s lives and community;
  • must be immediately related to social issues that confront Aboriginal and Islander people;
  • through our word of mouth cannot be separated from the things we do with our hands.

“Holistic evangelism must help people to come to a deeper understanding of their faith in every aspect of their lives. Holistic evangelism is concerned with the conversion of the individual to faith in Christ. But it is concerned also for the ongoing daily welfare of the person, and for the wellbeing of the church community as a whole”
– Rev Shayne Blackman.

UAICC’s community development programs aim to create pathways for people to come and live in the fullness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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