Restore the Role of Elders

The role of Elders in Indigenous society has gradually been eroded. Their authority and wisdom in the functioning of traditional Indigenous communities has been lost. The UAICC is working to restore respect for Elders and has established a National Council of Elders so that they are in a position to minister.

Our aim is for the ministry role of Elders within the UAICC to:

  • Restore respect and honor into the life of Indigenous people and the church;
  • To actively serve as ‘keepers of culture and Indigenous history’ which has special relevance to spiritual life and growth of Indigenous people;
  • Be actively involved in covenanting and reconciliation within and beyond the Uniting Church;
  • Bring balance, wisdom and spirituality to congregations, extended families and individuals;
  • Provide pastoral care to their own congregations and extended families
  • Offer support to the wider community, also in need of balanced, spiritually and culturally sensitive support

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